Kennedy Energy Park & Cape River Substation

Kennedy Energy Park is an innovative wind, solar and energy storage facility located in Flinders Shire in central north Queensland. This region is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources, including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. In particular, the wind and solar resources are world class and are complementary to such an extent that when combined they can supply energy to the grid with reliability never before seen in the Australian renewable industry.

Commencing with the “proof-of-concept” Kennedy Energy Park project of 15 MW solar, 43.2 MW wind, plus 2 MW of storage, the ultimate plan is to construct up to 1,200 MW of renewable energy generation in the region, which would deliver significant benefits to North Queensland and Australia in reduced emissions and sustainable energy generation. Collectively the renewable energy generation would provide electricity for an equivalent of 800,000 homes.

Kennedy Energy Park is located on sparsely timbered farm land approximately 17 km southeast of the township of Hughenden and 290 km southwest of Townsville.

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LTS Mining & Civil was engaged to deliver the foundations for the transmission line connecting the power generated from the KEP to the Cape River Substation where LTS completed the foundations also. This involved 100 + foundations ranging from 0.45m diameter up to 1.5m diameter up to 9m deep, in all kinds of strata including Very High Strength rock.