CFA Piling

Continuous Flight Auger Piling, is a method of piling used in soft, wet & unstable ground conditions, that would otherwise create issues with other piling methods.

The CFA Piling method, a hollow long string of auger, is drilled into the ground to a set depth, and concrete grout is pumped through the centre of the auger to the toe of the pile and auger is extracted at a monitored rate to construct the pile, preventing the material to collapse or water to intrude.

A cage is placed to height into the pile and is now completed.

CFA Piling is best used for any kind of shoring wall for retention systems, including secant piled wall, contiguous piled walls, soldier pile walls, and any piling required in appropriate conditions.

Can be a cost-effective solution, compared to bored piling with temporary liners etc.

LTS has the currently has the capacity to carry out CFA Piling from 300mm-750mm diameter up to 18.3m deep.