Pacific Highway Upgrade – Warrel Creek to Nambucca Heads

550 Million

Piles for 2 Bridges south of Nambucca River. This Project was broken into 2 stages, the first stage consisted of drilling out 16 Driven piles, 800mm diameter, up to 18m in depth. These steel driven tubes had a spiral bead up the inside of the steel to increase the concretes friction on the steel when placed. These spirals had to be brushed clean and were under scrutiny from Quality Assurance offices from Pacifico, RMS and Smithbridge, all were impressed with the standard from the use of our customised tooling.

The 2nd stage consisted of drilling piles 1200mm-1500mm diameter, down to around 11-12m in depth, also the use of temporary and permanent liners, socketed into the rock below.