Solar Projects

  • Bouygues Hamilton and Whitsunday Solar Farms
  • Downers Ross River Solar Farm
  • RCR O’Donnell Griffin
  • Daydream and Hayman Solar Farms

LTS had been engaged to carry out the drilling of holes in rock, up to around 30,000 holes to date, that were to be filled with engineered material and piled. Our rigs and skilled operators were able to navigate in the tight areas that has been mostly piled, and still produce high numbers for the day, with even higher production numbers once in open fields. LTS has modern specialised equipment that enabled LTS to achieve drilling to the tight tolerances that come with solar operations, in this instance, less then 14mm in alignment, within 50mm in depth.

Further to our drilling capabilities, LTS has diversified and is now offering Piling. With Brand new GYKE 4000 Piling Rigs, we can now offer complete drill, fill and Pile Packages, or anything that you require for solar projects.

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